The Crispy Family

Crispy Bata is Brian, Kat and Gavin Jack.

We are a Filipino-American family living in Southern California that incorporates traditional and contemporary values to raise our family.

We like: breastfeeding, technology, TV, books, movies, science-fiction, superheroes, eating good food, and conserving the environment.

We don’t like: pets who have people names, anything “emo,” dwelling on the negative.

The name Crispy Bata is a malapropism for “crispy pata,” which is a Filipino dish made of pork leg. The word bata is Tagalog for “child.” We started calling our son “Crispy Bata” when he was about 3 months old because he was so chubby and round, as most babies should be.


2 responses to “The Crispy Family

  1. What do you mean you don’t like pets with people names? I think a naming a dog forest whitaker is excellent.

    • Naming a dog Forest Whitaker is awesome because it’s tongue-in-cheek. Naming a dog Steven or Melissa is WEIRDO.

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