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Growing up fast

I don’t know what it is. Perhaps it is the fact that he is, chronologically, 4 years old. It could also be, possibly, that I am working full-time again and don’t have the gift of witnessing every little development anymore. Or maybe it’s just what happens to kids sometimes.

I feel as if my child is growing up too quickly.

It seems like just last month, I had a very large baby. He was still in diapers (pull-ups) most of the time, when you handed him a pencil, he drew discernible shapes, but mostly just doodles.

But a couple of days ago, he produced this:

No more doodles. These are pencil scratchings with MEANING.

The top was a collaborative effort; I wrote the G, he wrote the A, V and I, and I finished it off with the N. Later on, he practiced some more and produced the second masterpiece (as well as the purposeful but cryptic doodles along the bottom).

All by himself.

I still remember when he required assistance staying upright and now he is communicating on an advanced level. Soon he’ll be writing e-mails. And maybe not too long from now, I’ll be blocking social networking sites (do I have to go into detail about why I don’t believe elementary- and middle-schoolers don’t belong on Facebook or Twitter?).

My mother still has old notebooks that I doodled in when I was about the same age as Gavin. And maybe because it’s special to her, it’s special to me, too. But for some reason, it’s finally sinking in that we don’t have a baby anymore.